5000 only Will get 365000 on deposit

HDFC Bank RD June Rates : In today’s time everyone wants to save for their future. But it is difficult to decide where to invest! The bank also gives the option of FD and Recurring Deposit to invest their money! Investing in RD is a good option for salaried people. In this, the investor has to invest a fixed amount every month. HDFC Bank’s Recurring Deposit in the country gives good returns on HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit!

HDFC Bank RD June Rates

HDFC Bank RD June Rates

HDFC Bank RD June Rates

With this, very good interest is available on HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit from HDFC Bank! This is such a scheme in which you can get very good interest on depositing money. You can open an RD Account in HDFC Bank with a minimum of Rs 1000 and start investing! There is no limit to the maximum investment, you can invest as much as you want and enjoy the benefits!

Repo rate hike: HDFC Bank RD June Rates

After the increase in the repo rate, now many banks have increased their interest rates. HDFC Bank has also increased its interest rates, or the new interest rates (RD Interest Rate) have become effective from June 15! The bank allows its customers to invest in Recurring Deposit for a period ranging from 7 days to 10 years! If you invest your money every month in HDFC Bank in today’s time, then you can get good returns! Senior citizens get a little more interest from the bank!

Getting this much interest: HDFC Bank RD June Rates

In today’s time, interest of 4.50% to 7% is given to the general public on HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit for 6 months to 10 years by HDFC Bank! He is giving the benefit of 5% to 7.50% interest rate (RD Interest Rate) to senior citizens! If you invest in Recurring Deposit for 2 years to 10 years in today’s time, then common citizens are given an interest rate of 7% by the bank! 7.75 for senior citizens
Get the maximum interest of %!

will get maximum interest

About 8 percent interest rate is given to senior citizens through HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit! If you deposit 4 thousand rupees every month in this bank, then at the end of 5 years you will be given 2,87,700 rupees by the bank! If a senior friend deposits Rs 4,000 in this (RD Scheme) scheme for 5 years, then the bank will give you Rs 2,91,500 at the time of maturity!

You will get this much money on an investment of Rs 5000

If you 5 thousand rupees every month means 60 thousand rupees in a year for 5 years! Let’s invest for! So HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit will give you Rs 3,60,000 at the time of maturity! And if you are a Senior Citizen! And if you invest Rs 60,000 annually for 5 years, you will get Rs 3,65,000 at the time of maturity!

Different Types of HDFC Bank RD Schemes HDFC Bank RD Interest Rates

Recurring Deposit: This is a regular HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit! Where you specify the amount to be paid into the account every month for a pre-specified number of months. Apart from capital protection, you can earn a reasonable interest rate HDFC Bank Interest Rate on deposits! The minimum amount you can deposit per month is Rs 1,000! And after that it is in multiples of 100 rupees. The maturity amount will be the sum of the invested principal and interest.

HDFC Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

My Passion Fund: This is a flexible Recurring Deposit scheme! Where the deposit amount and the frequency of your monthly deposit payment can be set as per your convenience! This HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit (HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit) allows you to convert your deposit into that passion! lets name it! What are you saving for?

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