sell these 2 paise coins and earn lakhs

Sell ​​Old 2 Rupee Coin : How to sell old coins! How to register to sell old coins! What is the cost of a 100 year old coin? Unique Coin’s website, know all these things in brief for this! You have to do one thing that keep reading this article very carefully till the end. So that you can know all these information very well and can sell your old 2 rupee coin at a good place! So without further delay let’s get started!

Sell ​​Old 2 Rupee Coin

Sell ​​Old 2 Rupee Coin

Sell ​​Old 2 Rupee Coin

If you have old coins (Old Coin) Victoria’s silver coin in circulation during the British rule! So you can get 2 lakhs immediately! Similarly, recently a coin made in 1918 fetched more than nine lakh rupees in online auction. If we talk about these coins, then you can sell the old 2 Rupee Coin on the online e-commerce website! Due to the high demand of these coins in the market, they do not last long on the e-commerce website and their bids keep on increasing, due to which the cost of these coins becomes lakhs of crores! The interesting thing is that these unique coins are not in circulation now but their value is in lakhs!

How to sell Old 2 Rupee Coin for 2 lakhs, let’s know the whole process

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website to sell old coins.
  2. Now you have to register your account on this platform.
  3. After this whatever old 2 rupee coin you have here! Take a photo of both its front and back and upload it!
  4. Just now your work is over, now here the website itself will send the photo of your note coin to those people who are willing to buy such notes or coins!
  5. Now finally you have to write a description about this unique coin! Means how old is it or what is its specialty!
  6. Now don’t forget to give your phone number and contact email id so that the buyer can contact you.

If you have old coin then you will get 2 lakh rupees

If you also have this kind of old 2 rupee coin (Old 2 Rupee Coin)! Which was made in 1994, then you are going to get 2 lakh to 5 lakh rupees very soon! The demand for such coins is very high in the international market, but the condition is this! That the design should be made on the back side of this coin on the occasion of World Food Day! If you also get this type of unique coin! Then you can become a millionaire overnight! That’s all you have to do! That if someone in your house is like your child or your old parents! Or someone in the house who is fond of collecting old coins! Old coins, this hobby can make you and your family millionaires!

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