Old pension will be applicable on this day

Old Pension Scheme { May News } : Old Pension Scheme , On the demand of reinstatement, the government has taken a big decision in the interest of the government employees. After continuous protests, the Finance Ministry had constituted a committee to review the pension system of the employees. The committee formed on NPS was cancelled! Has been done ! Now the Old Pension Scheme is going to be implemented in these states, let us know in which states it will be implemented. Old Pension Scheme, as you know the old pension scheme was put on hold.

Old Pension Scheme { May News }

Old Pension Scheme { May News }

Old Pension Scheme { May News }

There was a continuous protest across the country regarding the Old Pension Yojana. After the protest, a big decision was taken by the Central Government in the interest of the government employees. Old Pension Scheme on behalf of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This has happened after the reinstatement and the demand of the employees organization in some other states. In such a situation, first of all the state governments of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have decided to restore the old pension scheme. Many states where the old pension scheme was not applicable, now the old pension scheme has been implemented in those states too! Will be done Central Government has taken major action under NPS!

Old Pension Scheme: Big decision came in the interest of the employees

The big decision of the central government came after the continuous protest of the government employees, there are many government employees who were protesting continuously! Old Pension Yojana should be restored. A request has been made to return the amount deposited under NPS. The finance minister had told Parliament last year that he would not consider any proposal to introduce NPS in respect of central government employees recruited after January 1, 2004, as many states had implemented the old pension scheme. ) is not implemented! May go !

What is Old Pension Yojana (OPS)

The demand for restoring the old pension scheme is continuously rising across the country. After all, what is the old pension scheme, since when was it implemented? Under the old pension scheme, before the year 2004, the government used to give a fixed pension to the employees after retirement. Government employees recruited after this will not be given the benefit of this old pension scheme! Retirement of government employees under the old pension scheme! Half of their salary is given as pension. In the Old Pension Scheme, if after the death of the employee, the old pension is given to his wife after retirement!

OPS notification 2023 released: Old Pension Scheme { May News }

To implement the Old Pension Scheme! For this, the government has taken a big decision in the interest of the employees. Now with the notification the government has to collect funds for this! Will have to struggle, although the government had announced to implement the old pension scheme only last month! But the proposal to implement this old pension scheme is now with the State Finance Department! Being prepared by the department!

New update of Old Pension Scheme Update 2023

Let us tell you that the employees across the country are protesting against the Old Pension Scheme. It has also been implemented in many states. For this reason, its demand in the central government has become very strong. Till now it is not being implemented at the central government level. Nor is there any discussion like this happening! But, the Finance Ministry is reviewing the Guaranteed Returns in the New Pension Scheme! In which this plan is being made! That the employees get the benefit of the old pension scheme only in the new pension scheme!

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