DA Hike Good News :- Now the fun will come! DA Update for Central Employee

DA Hike Good News :- There is such a good news of Dearness Allowance for the central employees, hearing which there will be no place for their happiness. A big announcement is going to be made for them on the evening of 31st May. After that the real fun will come. Actually, this good news is related to his salary. DA Hike score is going to come on the evening of 31st May. AICPI index numbers will be released. This will decide how much has been increased in their dearness allowance which will increase in July.

Da Hike Good News

Da Hike Good News

Da Hike Good News

At present the Dearness Allowance is 42 per cent. But, it is applicable from January. Since then, about two and a half percent dearness allowance has increased till now. Now the numbers of DA Hike for 3 months have come. The number of 3 months is yet to come. The April issue will come out on 31 May. This will clear the picture to a great extent.

Dearness Allowance Hike Update: How much dearness allowance will increase

In March 2023, the Dearness Allowance for central employees was increased by 4 percent. This is applicable from January 2023. Now dearness allowance is to be announced for July 2023. Although there is still time to announce. But, it is being known from the numbers of AICPI index that how much dearness allowance (DA Hike) is going to increase. As per the current data, the total DA score has reached 44.46%. The figures for April, May and June are yet to come. Experts claim that this time also their dearness allowance will be increased by 4 percent.

When did the Dearness Allowance score come?

Labor Bureau has released the All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) data for 3 months. Among these, the index was strong in January. There was a slight decline in February. But, there has been a good jump once again in March (DA Hike). The index has increased from 132.7 points to 133.3 points. The total increased by 0.6 points. On a month-on-month basis, the index has gained 0.45 per cent. It increased by 0.80 percent on an annual basis. The Dearness Allowance score was 43.08 per cent in January, 43.79 per cent in February and 44.46 per cent in March. Now how much it will increase in April will be announced on May 31.

months CPI(IW)BY2001=100 DA% Monthly Increase
May 2023 132.8 43.08
Oct 2023 132.7 43.79
May 2023 133.3 44.46

DA Hike How much DA will increase

So far, there has been an increase of more than two percent in the total dearness allowance in 3 months. The index stood at 132.3 points in December and the Dearness Allowance (DA Hike) was 42.37 per cent. From January 2023, central employees are being given salary at the rate of 42 percent. According to the data in March 2023 last month, the index has reached 133.3. At the same time, dearness allowance has been increased to 44.46 percent. If experts are to be believed, now there is a jump of 1.5 per cent in the dearness allowance. If this happens then a total increase of 4 percent is certain. Dearness Allowance will reach 46 percent.

Dearness Allowance increased repeatedly

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the dearness allowance for January 2023 has also been increased by 4 percent. However, the inflation figure for industrial workers does not always remain the same. So it is not certain that DA Hike will increase at the rate of 4 percent only if it is increased twice every year. But, this is happening for the last three times. In the year 2022 also, there was an increase of 4 percent in Dearness Allowance.

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