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Khanapara Teer Update: Today’s Results, Winning Numbers, and Participant Reactions

Guwahati, 11th July 2024: Khanapara Teer, a unique lottery game from Meghalaya! In this game, the winning numbers are based on the total number of arrows shot during two rounds. If you purchased a ticket, you can check the lucky numbers for both rounds here to see if you’re a winner!

Khanapara, a small town nestled in the heart of Meghalaya, has long been the epicenter of a unique and captivating lottery game that has captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. The Khanapara Teer, a traditional archery-based lottery, has become a cultural institution, drawing crowds daily to witness the excitement and anticipation of its results.

Khanapara Teer Result Today

Teer Lottery Name Assam Teer, Khanapara, Shillong, Juwai Teer, Meghalaya Teer, Juwai Landrymai Teer
Draw Number 25th Draw
Draw Name Juwai, Shillong, Juwai Landrymai, Khanapara, Assam Teer
First Prize Up to Rs. 1,00,000
Result Date 11.7.2024
Result Timing 11 AM to 8 PM
Result Status Published


Teer Result First Round Second Round
Shillong Night Teer 71 77
Jowai Night Teer 42 68
Shillong Teer 26 36
Khanapara Teer 46 05
Jowai Ladrymbai 28 83
Juwai Teer 85 34
Shillong Morning Teer 30 60
Juwai Morning Teer 72 53

Note: This table organizes the winning numbers for each round of the respective Teer results on July 10.

Allure of Khanapara Teer

Khanapara Teer is a two-round lottery game where two teams of 50 expert archers take aim at a target, with the winning numbers determined by the last two digits of the arrows that hit the designated spots. This ancient practice, rooted in the region’s rich cultural heritage, has evolved into a thriving industry that offers participants the chance to win substantial sums of money.

The game’s popularity is fueled by the thrill of the unknown, as participants eagerly await the announcement of the results, which are revealed at 4:10 PM and 4:45 PM every weekday, except Sundays. The Khanapara Teer has become a beloved pastime, with enthusiasts closely following the results and strategizing their bets to maximize their chances of success.

Khanapara Teer Update: Today's Results

 Mechanics of Khanapara Teer

Khanapara Teer game is a unique blend of skill, luck, and tradition. In the first round, 30 arrows are shot, and in the second round, 20 arrows are fired. Participants can place bets on the number of arrows that will hit the target, with the winning numbers determined by the last two digits of the successful shots.

The game’s rules are straightforward, yet the challenge lies in accurately predicting the outcome. Skilled participants who can accurately forecast the winning numbers stand to win substantial sums of money, making the Khanapara Teer a highly sought-after lottery game in the region.

Khanapara Teer Result: A Daily Ritual

The announcement of the Khanapara Teer result is a daily ritual that captivates the local community. The results are eagerly anticipated and widely shared on various platforms, including the official website of the Khanapara Teer association, as well as other news and lottery websites.

The Khanapara Teer result not only reveals the winning numbers but also provides a comprehensive overview of the day’s events, including the first and second-round results, as well as the previous day’s winning numbers. This information allows enthusiasts to analyze patterns, study trends, and refine their strategies for future bets.

Cultural Significance of Khanapara Teer

Khanapara Teer is more than just a lottery game; it is a deeply rooted cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations. The archery-based format of the game is a testament to the region’s rich history and the skill of its people.

The Khanapara Teer has become a source of pride and identity for the local community, fostering a sense of unity and shared excitement. The game’s popularity has also attracted visitors from across the country, who come to experience the unique blend of tradition, skill, and chance that defines the Khanapara Teer.

Future of Khanapara Teer

As the Khanapara Teer continues to captivate audiences, the game’s future holds great promise. With the increasing adoption of digital platforms and the growing interest in traditional games, the Khanapara Teer is poised to reach a wider audience and solidify its position as a beloved cultural icon.

Khanapara Teer association, which oversees the game’s operations, is committed to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the lottery, ensuring that it remains a source of entertainment, cultural preservation, and economic opportunity for the local community.

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