UPSC Exam Is Near, Here Are The Tips To Be Successful In The Exam From The Experts

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is all set to conduct the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination on 10 October 2021 in offline mode. It is very important to make an effective revision plan at this time for the successful efforts of the students in this examination. After all, it is the dream of every student who takes the Civil Services Examination to be a part of the policy-making and regulation process of the country. Factors like hard work day and night and rational planning form the backbone of exam preparation for any student. But incorporating some smart learning techniques can make the overwhelming task of cracking IAS exams easier. Let’s know here from BYJU’S Experts easy tips to crack UPSC Prelims

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Revision for the exam is a great way to re-check and consolidate everything that you have studied earlier. There are only a few days left in the preliminary examination, so it is necessary to shift the focus of preparation from studies to revision. Revision of study material based on solid and sound preparation will solidify what the students have learned. Moreover, with revision, students can be sure of their preparation, answer questions with more confidence. Due to this, they will not have to worry about the exam.

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Solving previous years UPSC question papers is a powerful tool by which students can assess their performance. By solving previous years question papers, students can know what is lacking in their preparation, they can analyze their strengths and weaknesses and get a chance to overcome the weaknesses. Also, when the student understands how much time it takes to answer all the questions, it helps in reducing the time limit pressure and strengthens his grasp on the type and pattern of the question paper. .

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While preparing for the exam it is important to take multiple mock tests to know the weak topics. Solving mock tests again and again improves your attitude towards the exam, as it not only increases the chances of cracking the exam but also helps the students to crack their exam. Self-assessment is one of the most important parts of IAS preparation, which takes place through rigorous practice.

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It is important to plan the arrangement and priority to prepare for the exam. In the beginning the goals should be realistic, so that they can be achieved and your confidence increases. Then, gradually the daily goals for the exam can be increased. If the target to start with is very big and challenging, then the student’s morale may drop if they are not able to achieve it. For this reason many students give up. A well-thought-out plan and detailed time-table can make exam preparation easier and improve studies while reducing the stress and anxiety associated with civil services exams to a great extent.

Stay positive, get enough food and sleep

According to Byju expert Sarmad Mehraj, students should remain positive during the entire process of preparation for the exam by being compassionate and sympathetic towards their mind and body. Staying physically and mentally healthy while exercising and taking up other hobbies is important to keep the students healthy during the entire UPSC preparation period. The biggest problems in exam preparation include neglect of sleep by the students, eating fried and junk food which is bad for health and neglecting one’s physical health. To increase concentration and energy level, students should take nutritious diet, such as green leafy vegetables, pulses, whole grains, which are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, and most importantly, do not let the body lose water. Students should not eat too much after GS1 paper, as CSAT takes place after lunchtime and many students feel sleepy during exams due to overeating. Being patient in your studies journey, continuously working towards achieving your goals and learning from mistakes will help the students to build a balanced mental framework required for success.

whatOr No do Instead of remembering what to do in this time, it is easy to forget what not to do. It is important that students do not read new things, as new concepts can mess up the concepts they have read earlier. In the last minute of preparation for the exam, students should not keep any confusion, should not work excessively and should not put too much burden on themselves. Students should have faith in their revision plan and believe in the work and efforts they have put in to prepare for the exam. They should be sure that sincere hard work will definitely pay off.

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