Schools From Classes 6 To 8 Open From Today In Gujrat, Amid Possible Third Wave Of Corona

Gujrat 6th to 8th School Reopening: Schools are being reopened for students of classes 6 to 8 in Gujarat from today amidst the possibilities of third wave of Kovid-19. More than 30 thousand government and private schools across the state will start teaching individually, in which more than 32 lakh students will be involved.

The state government had last month announced the date for the resumption of classroom teaching, so that the future of the students is not harmed. The state government has made it mandatory to follow the Kovid-19 protocol with the opening of the school, as well as issued some necessary guidelines.

Schools will have to follow these guidelines

Schools will have to set up adequate hand washing facilities and sanitizer points in their premises, apart from following the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government. Along with this, the students coming to school will have to hand over the written approval of the parents to the school authority. It is noteworthy that the attendance of students in schools has not been made mandatory and online classes will also continue during this period. Schools have been opened for classes 6 to 8 with 50 percent capacity. Proper distance has to be maintained in classrooms and it is mandatory for teachers, staff and students to wear masks.

Offline teaching of class 9 to 12 students continues from July

Explain that in view of the decline in the number of Kovid-19 cases in the state, schools and colleges were opened in July. At present, schools are being run in physical mode for classes 9 to 12 with 50% student attendance. At the same time, the state government has recently decided to conduct RT-PCR test in schools and colleges as well. The state health department has adopted a three-pronged approach ‘test-track-treatment’ to ensure that a person infected with COVID-19 is detected at an early stage and gets timely treatment .Although there are currently no vaccines available for school children, monitoring their health in schools remains a major concern.

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