IAS Success Story How To Keep Yourself Positive After Failing In UPSC Learn From IAS Officer Anisha Tomar

Success Story Of IAS Topper Anisha Tomar: Every year lakhs of youth of the country prepare for the Civil Services. Many people have to work hard for a long time to get success in UPSC. Keeping yourself positive during preparation is the biggest challenge. Today we will tell you the story of IAS officer Anisha Tomar, who, despite failing twice in a row, kept herself positive and fulfilled her dream by getting success in the third attempt. Today let’s know the success tips from them.

This is how UPSC came to mind
Anisha Tomar was smart in her studies since childhood and after intermediate she got an engineering degree from Panjab University. During engineering, Anisha made up her mind to go to UPSC. After completing the degree, he started preparing. First of all, she prepared the study material according to the syllabus and again made a schedule and started studying. However, his journey was quite a struggle and during this time he worked hard with patience.

Keep yourself positive in the midst of failures
In the first attempt, Anisha failed in the UPSC pre exam. After this she made a second attempt in which she reached the mains. This greatly increased his self-confidence and he began to feel that his strategy was succeeding. She kept herself positive and continued to work hard according to her strategy with patience. Finally, in the third attempt, he got the All India Rank of 94.

Watch Anisha Tomar’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Anisha Tomar’s advice to other candidates
Anisha believes that if you want to get success in UPSC, then you have to work hard continuously for a long time with patience with a better strategy. They believe that you have to move step by step and that is how you can reach your destination. According to Anisha, you learn from failure every time and perform better by correcting mistakes.

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