IAS Success Story How Buhsara Bano Achieved Success Between Job Children And Family Know Her Inspirational Story

Success Story Of IAS Topper Bushara Bano: After marriage, most of the people think that it is very difficult to prepare for an exam like UPSC Civil Services, but some people show success in the midst of such situations. Today we will tell you the story of IAS officer Bushra Bano. Between full time job, married life and child responsibilities, he prepared for civil service and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer in the second attempt. Today Bushra has become an example for everyone.

PhD degree in Management
Bushra Bano did her graduation in management, post graduation and got her PhD degree. Then he got a job in Coal India Limited. Even after marriage, he did not leave his job. During this time he made up his mind to go to UPSC and started preparing. Between full time job and child responsibilities, UPSC exam was no less than a challenge for him, but he worked hard continuously.

success without coaching
You will be surprised to know that without coaching, Bushra Bano prepared for UPSC and showed success in the second attempt. He chose management as his optional subject. He had a good grip on it and that was the reason why he also scored well. He believes that during the UPSC, choose the optionals very carefully. If your hold on Optional will be strong then it will prove to be very beneficial for you in UPSC.

Watch here Bushra Bano’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track

Bushra’s advice to other candidates
Bushra Bano believes that while preparing for UPSC, first you go through the syllabus thoroughly. After this, you choose the optional subject according to your interest and abilities. Bushra believes that during UPSC preparation, instead of paying attention to what people have heard, make your own strategy and implement it. According to Bushra, success is achieved only by working hard in UPSC.

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