You all will know that CSC DIGIPAY Registration service has been started to start financial services inside CSC. This service lets you   Bank Balance information by any bank basis , Money Transfer , cash deposit, cash withdrawal , by ceding advantage of more services can reach customers | ( Digipay Download ) |


CSC DIGIPAY Recently, the cash deposit service has been closed for some time. But it is being told by CSC that soon all the services of cash deposit, cash withdrawal and balance inquiry will be fully started inside CSC.

But the services like balance inquiry, cash withdrawal etc. are working properly inside CSC DIGIPAY. And it’s absolutely free.

So you also run CSC Customer Service Center. So by installing this DIGIPAY software on your computer, you can take advantage of these services in your rural areas. Below you have to explain how to install the whole process step by step.

CSC Bank Mitra Id Card Download

In order to work on Bank Mitra CSC e-Governance has issued Bank Mitra On ID Card in this coronavirus crisis .

If you also open your CSC Bank MITRA Center. So you  have to keep all these documents or Bank MIta Id Card with you and paste all the information on your shop. Only then  you can do the work of withdrawing money from CSP .

CSC Digipay Provided Services List

The following services are provided to you under New CSC Digipay , whose benefits you can reach to the people of rural areas.

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit coming soon…..
  • Bill pay
  • Balance inquiry
  • Money transfer
  • Aadhar to Aadhar fund transfer coming soon…..

CSC Digipay v 6.0 Software Download

Another great news is coming out for CSC Common Service Center operator brothers, CSC SPV has changed the service of DIGIPAY in its digital service portal and has made money transfer service live.

Recently CSC SPV has launched Digipay 6.0 version, here you are given the service of money transfer and also you can do many more things here.

If you want to take advantage of CSC’s money transfer service and you want to get the money from your DIGIPAY wallet in your bank account in a few seconds, then for this you have to update your DIGIPAY software or you can delete your old software and make a new one. After installing the software, the link of the new software is being given below, from where you will be able to download it and install it on your computer.

What’s new in DIGIPAY 6.0 version.

In Digi pay new software , some new service has been added to you. And apart from this, the problems coming in it have also been removed so that you do not have much problem in it and you can easily take advantage of the services like money transfer and cash withdrawal and balance inquiry by using this software.

  • Money Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bill Payments etc
  • Balance information after withdrawing money.

Digipay app software install on mobile !!

  • Click on the link given below to download CSC Mobile DIGIPAY software from Play Store. Click the link below to download the CSC Mobile DIGIPAY software from the Play Store. >>> Click Here <<.
    • First of all download the DIGIPAY software in your mobile from the link given above.
    • And install DIGIPAY software on your Android mobile from Play Store in it ( Keep in mind that your Android mobile should have OTG support )
    • After the DIGIPAY software is successfully installed in the mobile, first of all connect the finger print device to your mobile.
    • If your fingerprint device comes with USB then connect it to OTG and then refresh RD service by opening Morpho SCL software.

    CSC Digipay Open / CSC Digipay Registration

    • After this , the icon of Digi Pay will appear in your mobile, click on it and open it.
    • If your fingerprint device is not properly connected with your mobile then your software will not open.
    • And you will get a pop in which it will be written that first connect the fingerprint device correctly.
    • And if the fingerprint device is connected correctly, you will see the screen shown above.
    • After this you will have to first sign up yourself in this software in which you will be asked for your CSC ID and your Aadhaar number below.
    • So you fill your CSC ID and enter Aadhaar number, check the term and condition below and click on the process button.
    • After this OTP will be sent to you on your registered number.
    • You will be shown the last 4 digits of your mobile number, you check the OTP on that mobile number.
    • And enter OTP in this box, after entering OTP, click on Verify OTP.
    • After this a new page will open in which your CSC ID, your name, your mobile number and your registered bank will appear here.
    • You have to check the information and put a check mark.
    • As soon as you put a check mark, now the light of your fingerprint device will light up and you have to put your finger there.
    • And you have to verify yourself.
    • After verifying your application will be successfully registered.

    CSC Digipay login On Mobile

    After your CSC Digipay Registration is successfully done, you will have to   login to Digipay.

    • Now you will see Digi pay login page in the next step.
    • Now you will be asked for your CSC ID in this digipay login screen.
    • Then you enter your CSC ID and scan your fingerprint.
    • And login to your Digi pay.
    • After login Digipay, a new mobile version interface of DIGIPAY will open in front of you.
    • Now you can do balance inquiry withdrawal cash withdrawal cash deposit etc from here

    Digipay registration On Computer

    If you want to run Digi pay software inside your computer then you have to adopt the following.

    Download Digipay From Here

    To download the new software, first of all click on the link given below , after clicking on the link, you will directly reach the download page, from here you can download the new 6.0 version to your computer.

  • First of all download and install CSC Digipay on your computer
  • Next download and install the fingerprint driver
  • You do your Digipay registration
  • After Digipay registration is done , login to it

Note: – Before downloading the new software, remove the old Digi Pay software of your computer so that the new software can be easily installed and delete whatever was left of the old files in your computer, only after that install the new software.

In this way very easily you can take advantage of services like money transfer by installing so many Digipay software in your computer, if you face any kind of problem in installing it or starting this service then you can contact us. You can tell in the comment box below.

CSC Digipay Transaction Chart

Dear friends, if you also do transactions through Aadhar enabled payment system . So you have to keep the following things in mind. We have given you the complete details of how many transactions you can do with which bank in a month, please read it carefully.

How to install digipay driver

  • Step (1) – First of all, download the above mentioned Digi Pay software and all the drivers of your finger print device in your computer and if you want to extract any file, then extract that file in a normal file.
  • Step (2) – After this, right click on the busy software and install it on Run AS Acid Minister.
  • Step(3)- After your digi pay software is successfully installed now you have to install the driver of your finger print device if you are using morpho device then you install its driver you have to keep in mind that your system 32 bit then you have to download and install 32bit driver and if your system is 64 bit then you have to download and install 64 bit driver
  • Step (4) – After all the drivers are installed, you have to check whether your software is opening or not, if your software is not opening, if any is coming in it, then you have to check whether Java is installed correctly in it. Whether or not or whether From Work is installed in it or not, you will also find all these links above, so if you do not have any of these installed, then install them too, after that your Digi Pay will start running .
  • Even after installing all types of software and drivers, you are not able to run Digi Pay, then definitely write us in the comment box, your suggestions are invited.

Digipay Transaction Complaint

Dear friends, if you deposit any money on Digipay and your money gets stuck, then you can complain in the following way.

Dear Operator,
all of you are informed that if any transaction fails / fails in Digi Pay / balance does not come in your account, then enter the correct information on the given link so that your problem can be resolved
Save this link with everyone!

How to get back the deducted money from CSC DIGIPAY

Friends, if your money has been deducted from DIGIPAY and if you want to get it back, then you have to follow these methods given below through which you can get back the money deducted from your DIGIPAY

With the help of CSC DIGIPAY software, if you are availing deposit or cash withdrawal services and while making cash withdrawal or deposit, you get the message of decline or any error and your money is deducted from your wallet and customer’s bank If the account is not reached or the money is deducted from the customer’s account and is not added to your DIGIPAY wallet, then how will you get that money in that case.

How to get if money is stuck while doing DIGIPAY cash withdrawal?

If your money is deducted from your bank account while withdrawing and the success message is not received and not added to your wallet then in that case you have to call the customer care of that bank and tell them that they have enabled aadhar. Payment system was used and all the information of that customer has to be given from whose account money has been deducted and you have to say that this message has not been successful.

So they will register the complaint online and you also have to ask the customer care to register the complaint online. After registering the online complaint, the money will reach back to the same bank account of the customer in 7 to 8 days and you will also get the same on your digital service portal. I also have to generate the ticket but it is very important for you to call the customer care if you do not do this then the money will not be refunded to the customer’s bank account by generating the ticket.

Money is stuck while depositing DIGIPAY cash.

If your money has been deducted from your wallet while depositing and the customer’s bank account is not credited, then first of all you have to create a ticket in Digital Seva Portal and do not forget to enter PRN number and transaction number in that ticket.

After this you have to mail it to [email protected] and in the mail you have to send the mail by filling the Aadhar Number, Customer Name, Transaction Number, amount and after that a link has been given to you, in this link you have to fill this form. Through which the money deducted from your digital wallet will be returned.


What is CSC DigiPay?

CSC Digipay 4.6 Download ! There is a software run by CSC through which the public service center operator can do financial work at his shop. Like money transaction, bill payment, money transfer etc.

Is it mandatory to run CSC DigiPay?

Yes ! If you are a CSC Common Service Center operator. So you must necessarily use it. Because many commissions of CSC are given in its wallet.

How to withdraw money from CSC DigiPay?

CSCDigiPay works on Aadhar enabled payment system. So here you can withdraw money by putting Aadhar card number and thumb.

Is there money transfer on DG Pay also?

Yes ! You can transfer money from here to anywhere in India.

Can DG Pay be used on mobile also?

Yes! You can also run it on your mobile by installing DigiPay Mobile App.

digipay login is done in mobile also

Yes it is very easy to login in mobile after doing digipay registration.

how to do digipay registration on computer

By downloading its software, you install it in your computer. After that install RD service. And register it. This whole process is explained above.